Thank You!

Betty Pinckney cousin "Only you" was amazing. You out did yourself on the book. I am going to need more books like this. About to start the next book. Again thank you for the amazing suspenseful read!!

Emily Dicks

Her plays and books are amazing. I promise you will not be disappointed. Ask her about the cd to her play as well as books avail for purchase if you want real life, suspense, love, funny, and enjoyable reads. She is the most genuine person ever and most definitely will help anyone who comes her way❤️

Anitra Williams 

When it comes to Betty Pinckney all you can think of is great vibes. Intelligent, beautiful, kind, generous and creative just a amazing woman...

Keyon Simon

I am a fan of her stage productions. What an awesome experience to see her God given creativity manifested on stage. Can’t wait to see the next production. In the meantime....I will be reading and re-reading the Novel. Thank you for your obedience to God’s Will in your life. These are stories that our community needs during these tumultuous times. God bless you.

Chrissy Powell

Betty I'm truly proud and happy for you. May God continue to bless you as you grow in his presence. Peace be with you on your journey

Maryann Hardy

I was introduced to Betty’s work during this pandemic. I was glued to “Only You” and I can’t wait to experience her stage plays. It took me back to my high school days and I was able to visualize everyone an everything happening. I am now a first time -long time fan.

Melika Combs

Where do I begin I had the pleasure of being apart of Betty's amazing productions,from the scripts to the songs it was one of the best things I've ever experience,Betty's books are just as amazing as her productions,all Ican say is don't miss out on this amazing talent and gift, you will definitely be blessed. 

Amy Barnes

If you look in the dictionary and look up the word "inspirational" you may see a picture of Betty Pinckney. She has a talent for bringing love and blessings to life. She is one of the most creative minds I know.


Awesome I really enjoy all of your plays, Your books are amazing

Tracey Simon

 I read both of her books and I couldn't put them down. I read them in 2 days. She is a wonderful writer and she keeps it real.


I read both books and attended each and everyone of her plays. Absolutely worth every penny. She is amazing. Please check Mrs. Betty out.

Teyonnia Fulton

I recently read Betty's suspenseful story, Only You. It was a good, easy read that keeps getting juicier as you go. I couldn't put it down! You should check this one out.

Katie Kiehle

I am so blessed to be able to call this authentic vessel of God, my dear friend and beloved sister. I am thankful to God that His healing power is unleashed through every script that is given to you by divine inspiration. May lives continue to be changed and the Name of our God be glorified by your obedience to Him! May the Lord God enlarge your coast and increase your territory as you continue to earnestly and fervently yield your life to His perfect will. In Jesus' name - Amen.

Desiree Henshaw

In April of 2017, I auditioned for a role in a stage play "If Walls Could Talk" They Would Tell Secrets. I had know idea what the play was about. After reading a small part of the play to Betty Pinckney and one other person. I was cast to play the oldest sister Faye. A week later I received a email from Betty asking if I would play the lead role in the play Lillian. I was so honored that she asked I said yes without hesitation. To my surprise "If Walls Could Talk They Would Tell Secrets was about molestation!!!! I was molested from 5 to 16 and got pregnant by my biological dad. I was a emotional wreck. At one point I didn't know if I wanted to go forth with acting as lead role. The enemy came in like a flood, fear and anxiety set in. God spoke to me and said you will go forth for this is another part of your healing process. As the lead role as the mother. The eyes of my heart was open to the heart of my own mother. If felt like my heart was open and being prepped for surgery. There was a part in the play were my granddaughter sang "Let THE HEALING BEGIN. Well, healing did began for me in April of 2017. I've truly forgiven myself, my dad and my mom. I understood the cycle that needed to be broken and "If Walls Could Talk help me to do just that break the cycle of molestation in my family. Thank you Betty Pinckney for hearing God and being obedient in writing and producing this play. It was therapy for me, this play broke chains of guilt, pain, shame and defeat. 

Ira Warren

Grand Rising my Sister 🌞. That Brotherly Deception Book 2 Jealousy is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!. Finished it in 1 sitting (about 2hours). Once again, I was talking to the characters and thought I knew what was happening next, but in typical Betty Pinckney fashion you threw me for a loop...I CAN'T TAKE IT....READY FOR BOOK 3!!! Wonderful read, Awesome nuggets & another excellent job! Thank you Sis. Love you 😘🥰😘

Archell Porter